A brief history

Prime Persian is the major wholesaler & retailer operating in South Africa to provide customers with a reliable and trustworthy platform to purchase exclusive area rugs at the best prices and get the best service from the comfort of their homes. We are dedicated to bringing you high-quality rugs from around the world at rock-bottom prices.

Started 25 years ago, we have become the major wholesalers in Hand-knotted Persian Carpets industry in Africa. All carpets are imported from our sister company based in Pakistan. Due to having no middle man, we bring handmade carpets at most affordable prices and big quantities. Behind the name lies the long tale of success achieved through hard work, perseverance and determination. We are proud to say that we supply 90% of Persian Carpets in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

In 2014, we came into retail scene by becoming major online retailer of carpets by selling on Takealot.com. Since then we have developed our website where customers can buy the rugs from ease of their home.

We at Prime Persian believe that you must have a pleasant and enjoyable experience while buying the rug. As an online retailer, we have made the carpet buying process simple and seamless. Our website is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the country to buy rugs. Our dedicated team works around the clock to make the process of buying the rug easy & hassle free, from ordering the rug to the delivery & after service. We are one of the first and very few companies to provide free delivery countrywide.

The core values of the company

Customer Service Assurance

We are committed to handle every aspect of your shopping experience. Our team is available to fulfill specific needs of our clients in regard to the carpets they want to buy or they have already bought. Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction which we achieve by providing excellent service. We provide hustle free returns and exchange, along with free shipping countrywide.

Unbeatable Prices, Zero Quality Compromise

We bring the high-quality fine carpets at the lowest and most attractive prices. Yes, we offer best prices in the country. However, we have zero quality compromise. Massive discounts and price cuts do not mean that we sell our customers low quality carpets. Our carpets are chosen by highly qualified professionals, bringing you best pieces from the countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Turkey etc.

Innovation and Tradition

Carpets and rugs are the icons of tradition. Tradition is the core of carpets. We are taking tradition along with innovation. Having said that we bring you modern and in trend carpets and rugs, not only traditional pieces.

Exclusive Rugs Only

We believe in brand image. Having said that, our rugs are unique to our brand. All our rugs are our own exclusive designs.

Vision for future

Our vision is clear, to be the biggest one stop shop for the rugs in the country. We are investing huge sums to give seamless online buying experience to the customers. We are in process of launching the AI technology where customers can view the actual rug in their houses. We are also working on a mobile app.