Outdoor Rugs: The Ultimate Guide for All Your Outdoor Rug Needs
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Outdoor Rugs: The Ultimate Guide for All Your Outdoor Rug Needs

Keeping your home looking good is challenging when you live in an outdoor space. This is especially true if you have a porch, terrace or any other form of uncovered space outside your home. Even if you don’t live in such a place, it’s still likely that you want to improve the appearance of your outdoor area. To do so, you can use outdoor rugs as part of your strategy to make the space look better. There are so many different types of outdoor rugs available on the market right now. They come in different designs and colors, materials used and shapes as well. Depending on where you intend to place the rug, choose one accordingly to suit the conditions at hand. Here we will be talking about some of the most important considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing an outdoor rug for your home.

What to look for when buying an outdoor rug?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing an outdoor rug. These include the material of the rug, size, shape, design and the intended use of the rug. When it comes to the intended use of the rug, there are two main categories of outdoor rugs – Outdoor rugs for patios and Outdoor rugs for decks. Patio rugs are typically used to cover a patio surface while deck rugs are used to protect the surface of a deck. Both materials are completely different and so are their durability, sturdiness and maintenance requirements. Other things you should consider when buying an outdoor rug include the climate you live in, the color and design of the rug, its shape and its thickness.

Outdoor rug material

For outdoor rugs, the most common materials used are synthetic materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene. This is because they are resistant to fading and they are very easy to clean. Cotton and natural fiber rugs are not really recommended for outdoor use because they are not very durable and require more effort to clean. The material of the rug can also determine the kind of look and feel of your outdoor space. For example, polypropylene rugs are generally cheaper than polyethylene rugs but they also have a lower quality feel to them. On the other hand, polyethylene rugs have a higher quality feel to them but are also priced slightly higher. Another important aspect of the rug material to consider is the thickness of the rug. The thicker the rug, the better it will be at protecting your outdoor surface. For example, if you want to protect your patio from dirt and stains, getting a thick outdoor rug would be better than a thinner one.

Shapes and sizes of outdoor rugs

Outdoor Rugs: The Ultimate Guide for All Your Outdoor Rug Needs

The shapes and sizes of outdoor rugs can vary. Rugs can be square, rectangular or round in shape. They can also be in any length or width combination that you need. The shape of the rug will determine where you place it. A round rug can be placed anywhere while square rugs can mostly be placed in the center of a patio. The size of the rug will decide how much space it covers. Bigger rugs will cover more space than smaller rugs. The type of outdoor rug also comes into play when selecting the size. A freestanding outdoor rug will be taller and wider than other outdoor rugs. When selecting the size of the outdoor rug, it’s best to get a rug that covers the majority of the surface area where it will be placed. This will help protect the surface from dirt and stains.

Where to place your outdoor rug?

The intended use of the rug will determine where you place it. For example, if you’re trying to protect your patio from dirt and stains, you would place your rug right on top of where people sit on the patio. If you want to add a bit of color and style to your patio, you can place the rug a few inches away from where people will be sitting. This will allow you to enjoy the rug’s design and color while providing some protection from stains. If you’re using the rug to cover your deck, you can place it wherever is convenient for you. The only thing to keep in mind is that the rug should be big enough to cover the deck’s surface area.


Overall, outdoor rugs are a great way to improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space. They can protect your surfaces from dirt and stains while adding a bit of color and style to your outdoor living area. When shopping for outdoor rugs, be sure to consider the material, shape, design and size. Choose a rug that can withstand your outdoor conditions as well as be easy to clean. Once you’ve found the perfect outdoor rug, you can place it anywhere to transform your outdoor space in an instant.