Persian Kashan High Pile 400cm x 300cm

R20,000.00 R10,599.00

Restored Kashans are knotted in central Persia. The carpet with a high quality usually have medallion patterns with floral fields, but variations occur. History of these carpets go back to 17th Century, the patterns consists of beautifully designed medallions, niches, trees and figural motifs and all-over floral motifs occur also. Dominating colours are blue, red and beige. These carpets are 15-25 years old. They are restored by professionals in order to provide affordable persian carpet yet traditional high end rug.

Please note due to the fact that the carpet is being restored, there can be reasonable wear on the carpet.

Size can vary between few centimetres of length and width as its an hand-knotted carpet.

This is a high pile rug. It is not worn.

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